Want to Launch Your Amazon Product with a BANG, while being NEW AMAZON TOS Compliant??

"Tzonami Will Get YOU a MASSIVE Influx Of Sales, Skyrocket Your BSR & Boost Your Amazon Keyword Rankings!"


It has SKYROCKETED tons of new or stagnant Amazon products, from earning $0 per month, to $5,000, $10,000 or $50,000+ per month - and it can do the same for YOU! 

The easiest way to increase your amazon sales and grow your business on Amazon is to rank well for your product related keywords

Amazon loves sending FREE BUYER TRAFFIC to your listings, but the better you rank, the MORE TRAFFIC and the MORE SALES you will get!

But HOW are you going to increase your keyword rankings on amazon?

  • Increase your Conversion %, to increase your rankings!

  • Increase your SALES VELOCITY. (more sales = better rankings)

  • Increase your BSR (Amazon Best Seller Ranking)

If you increase these 3 things you are guaranteed of increasing your rankings and sales....

...BUT - thats a bit of a catch 22, right?

How are you going to increase your sales, without having good rankings and reviews?

We KNOW that getting those first REVIEWS is really tough! 

You only have so many friends and family who can buy your product and review it...

Getting MORE SALES to increase your sales velocity and BSR is even MORE difficult...

...especially if your product is NEW, or if your rankings is not very good yet!

  • So how can you compete with your competitors who are already ranking well and that are making tons of sales per day?

  • How can you get a BIG BOOST of sales, that will skyrocket your BSR, Reviews and AMAZON SEARCH RANKINGS?


Introducing "Tzonami"!

The service that will give you a massive BOOST in sales that is guaranteed to skyrocket your Amazon Best Sellers Ranking (BSR) and increase your keyword Ranking!

The best thing is - you just sit back and let us generate all these sales and reviews for you!

Its the absolute best and easiest way to get an edge over your competitors and get the boost your product needs!

We created this service and software to launch our own products, and it has helped us so much, that we have now opened it up to other sellers, so that you can also benefit from Tzonami!

Tzonami has been responsible for helping us launch products in very competitive categories taking our keyword rankings from >300 to the top 10 for very competitive search terms!

It has taken many products that have barely beeing making any sales to making $10,000, $25,000, or even $50,000+ per month!

...and NOW it can help you TOO!

How exactly does Tzonami work?

  1. You order a Tzonami Blast. We have different options. The more days we blast your product, the more the rankings will increase!
  2. You tell us your ASIN, and which Keywords you want to get boosted (We use a SUPER URL)
  3. You create a discount code for this product that discounts significantly ie. to $1, $1.95 or $2.95, etc. (We use SINGLE USE codes, so you send us the txt file of unique codes. This protects your inventory.)
  4. We Promote Your discounted offer to our huge list of Amazon Buyers .
  5. You simply sit back and see the sales come in, see the boost in your BSR, Reviews, and Keyword Rankings!

"But WILL Tzonami bring me MORE organic sales for the long term?"

YES, this increased sales velocity, and increased conversion percentage, will FEED the Amazon Algorithm and make it MORE POPULAR in Amazon's eyes, which will increase your Keyword Rankings!  Increased rankings will lead to more organic sales!


..AND Tzonami will work for ANY product, in any category, and it does not matter where you currently rank!

It will work for new products that you want to launch with a bang, or help you to bring older stagnant products back from the dead!

It does not matter what your goals are - Tzonami will help you achieve them faster than you ever thought possible!

What exactly can you expect after a Tzonami Wave?


We will generate a lot of sales for your product, at the discounted price you gave us.  This will give your Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR) a MASSIVE BOOST.

How many sales you get, will depend on how saturated your product is, and the type of product.  (We can't guarantee the amount of sales, but you can expect anything from 20-100 sales per day, and we can guarantee that your BSR will increase significantly.)

Increase in reviews and seller feedback.

We do NOT sell reviews or ask for our customers for reviews upfront. Our service is 100% Amazon TOS compliant. 

Our members are real customers who simply bought these products at discounts!  Ofcourse, if you have the correct follow up sequences, you will be guaranteed of getting more reviews organically from these customers.


The BOOST in sales velocity, coupled with the power of our special TZONAMI URL (More powerful than the SUPER URL) will feed the Amazon Algorithm.

This will increase the rankings for your main KEYWORDS!

The IMPROVED SEARCH RANKINGS for your product, will enable you to make MORE ORGANIC sales after your Tzonami promo is done!

You might also turn a lot of these discounted customers into repeat buyers, and will increase your sales for the long term!

See how this product's Keyword Rankings (very competitive keyword) skyrocked after a Tzonami!

Another example where the ranking got boosted from 33rd to 18th, after one blast!

Another example where we BOOSTED a "stagnant" product from ranked 27th to 19th on PAGE 1, for a competitive keyword!

Tzonami will also BOOST your BSR!

See how the Amazon Best Sellers Ranking (BSR( for this product went from 40,000 (selling 1 unit per day) to as high as 1,734 (selling 5-10 units per day)!

We took a new Amazon Business from earning $5,386 per month to earning $86,710 per month, within 4 MONTHS - using this exact same launch strategy for our products!

What exactly makes Tzonami BETTER than our competitors?


  • LOWER COST:  Only $137 per blast
  • Uses Single Use Codes (to protect inventory)
  • Uses Improved Super URL (Tzonami URL)
  • Supports Multiple Keywords (up to 3)

Other Promo Blast Services:

  • HIGHER COSTS: $497+ per blast
  • NO Single Use Codes or extra PAID option
  • Supports ONE (1) Keyword (or pay for extra)
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE (sometimes)

Tzonami offers the most BANG for your BUCK!

...and is guaranteed to give your product and business the boost it deserves!


If we did not get you an increased amount of sales for the number of days you paid for, or if our Tzonami Blasts does not significantly raise your amount of sales for the days it get promoted, or your BSR, or get you any new reviews, just contact our helpdesk within 30-days, and we will happily refund you, or blast your offer again!

Note that although we can guarantee that we will promote your offer to our members for each day you paid for and promise you a major increase in sales and reviews after the blast, we can NOT guarantee a specific amount of sales that we will get you.  This depends on many factors that we dont have control over, such as the demand for your product, the discount you give and how saturated the product is for our lists. We will try to hit your targets, but we cannot guarantee that we will get you the maximum amount of sales that you gave coupons for.  The amount of coupons you give should be seen as the maximum amount of units you are prepared to give away.  We can also not guarantee specific review rate, that it will only be positive reviews (Its against Amazon TOS. Although we always encourage positive reviews),  or keyword ranking increases.  These things depend on too many factors. Make sure you follow up with customers to increase review rate. Rest assured we will do our best to promote your product as hard as we can to get you the maximum results possible.

Zonami is the EASIEST way to get a MASSIVE BOOST in sales that will start the SNOW BALL EFFECT and insure long term profits for your product.

After you have tried it, you will never launch your products any other way!

Are you ready to KICK START your brand?


(Before the discount expires)

Tzonami SINGLE

1-Day Blast

(Best for quick boost in BSR and Reviews!)

  • Blast your offer for ONE (1) Day
  • One (1) Keywords Included
  • Tzonami Url Included (like Super Url)

Normal Price:  $297

Today Only: $137

Tzonami DUO

2-Day Blast

(Better for sustained sales volume increase and rankings)

  • Blast your offers HARD, for TWO (2) days straight!
  • THREE (3) Keywords Included
  • Tzonami Url Included (like Super Url)

Normal Price:  $497

Today Only: $217

Tzonami QUATRO

4-Day Blast

(Great for sustained sales volume increase, rankings and tons of reviews.)

  • Blast your offer hard for FOUR (4) Days straight.
  • Up to THREE (3) Keywords Included
  • Tzonami Url Included (optional)

Normal Price:  $997

Today Only: $397

Tzonami SEVEN

7-Day Blast

(MONSTER Viral Blast to move huge number of units, over a longer period of time, for maximum ranking increase, reviews boost, and long term organic sales increase.)

  • Blast your offers HARD, for SEVEN (7) days straight!
  • Up to THREE (3) Keywords Included
  • Tzonami Url Included (Optional)

Normal Price:  $1,397

Today Only: $577

AFTER YOU ORDER, you will be directed to a page, where you will be able to tell us which date/s or time you want to book. We can fit in most dates, but its best you order as early as possible.  Then you will also provide us with all the details of your blast, ie. your coupon codes (for maximum amount of units you want to give away), discounted price, ASIN, Keywords etc... After this we will get right on it, and make sure we provide you the absolute best Tzonami we possibly can, so you can come back for more and more!

We are SURE You will LOVE Tzonami and that it will help you to give your business the BOOST it needs, and deserves!

BEAT YOUR COMPETITORS to it, and order your Tzonami right now!

See you on the inside!

The Tzonami Team


 What do our customers think about Tzonami?

"It’s a great service... I ordered a 1 day blast on 8/2, set to giveaway 100 units and 72 units were picked up. Keyword ranking jumped from #54 to #40 within a few days and it’s for a very competitive keyword."

Thomas Wai

"Having relied on Tzonami to launch most of my products, I can tell you that it works, and it works well. I have used this to launch new products taking it from less than 10 sales per day to over 40 sales per day, and I have built a multi-million dollar physical products business on Amazon with this strategy. Fully recommend it!"

Bertus Engelbrecht

"I have used 2 other companies in the past to do my launchings and blasts and I have to say that I got my best results from Tzonami. In one of my products the ranking for my main keyword jumped from 18 to 10 in a couple of days doing a 2 day blast.

In a different product, after doing a 3 day Tzonami blast I experiences a jump from 40 to 10 for my main keyword. Also I received an average of 70% four and five stars reviews days after both blasts.

Tzonami proves to be the most efficient and cost effective launching blast program out there for physical product ecommerce entrepreneurs."

Andres J

DISCLAIMER:  Our service is not assosiated or endorsed by amazon.com in any way or form. Our service is amazon TOS compliant. We do not offer your products at a discount in exchange for a review. We are a promotion service only.  Results vary. All proof and screenshots on this page is for illustration purposes only, and should not be seen as typical. Please note that we can not guarantee a specific amount of sales for you per day, or guarantee that we will hit your sales targets each day. The amount of coupons you give should be seen as the maximum amount of units you are prepared to give away. The amount of sales generated for your blast will depend on many factors we don't have control over, such as your type of product, how saturated it is, and the price that you offer it at.  We will do our best to generate as many sales for you as possible.  For more competitive products, choose a higher discount for a better response.   Although we are guaranteeing that your BSR and reviews and sales will increase, we cannot guarantee increase in keyword search rankings.  This is dependent on too many factors. For best results, you need to have a sustained higher sales volume for 2-4 days, to see a big spike in keyword rankings.

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